• automotive
    galvanisiertes C. Hübner Automotiv-Produkt
  • sanitation
    Hübner kunststoffgalvanisierte Sanitärprodukte
  • consumer
    galvanisiertes und Chrom veredeltes Konsumgut
consumer sanitation automotive


  • 1,600 m² total area
  • 19 injection moulding machines
  • Clamping force 35 – 350 to.
  • Arburg
  • Demag Ergotech
  • CNC extraction robot
  • Sprue pickers
  • Central material supply
  • Min. 20 employees in 3-shift operation.



Plastic injection moulding

We give functional form to loose granulate. We operate 19 automatic shaping machines in a clamp force range of 350 kN to 3500 kN over a hall area of 1,600 m2.

Each year, we process around 400 tons of granulate into seasonal costume jewellery or injection-moulded technical parts from 5 g to 900 g. Our modern CNC extraction robots enable cost-efficient production, combined with accurate and rapid parts extraction and subsequent packing.

Here too, high quality and accurate shaping, as well as the special granulate predrying process for ABS parts to be electroplated, set the standard for subsequent quality processing.

Our in-house mould making department in conjunction with the injection moulding department guarantees the required process reliability, short testing times and minimal downtimes.

C. Hübner GmbH, Sudetenstraße 2, 87616 Marktoberdorf, Germany