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Your contact partners

Herbert Thiel, Thomas Sommer

Mr. Thiel and Mr. Sommer will be on hand to answer any questions you may have relating to product management and distribution.

The big three

Automotive, sanitation, consumer goods. The big three product areas of C. Hübner GmbH - plastic injection moulding and plastic electroplating. Of course, we could easily extend this to four or more. But essentially, all the different properties can be shown on these three main product lines. For example, the product-related testing procedure for the various plastics which differ greatly in their properties. The required audits and certificates and the sector-specific surface finishes with regard to layer structure and layer thickness.

This is a broad area that we define and it is an area that we master in the interests of our customers.

Tool making, plastic injection moulding and plastic electroplating. We offer you a self-sufficient, certified and documented process chain for your products.

Are you looking for more?

Would you like to have more information on our company? The kind of information you can only get from the smells, noises and impressions not available in a brochure?

No problem. Mr Thiel and Mr. Sommer from the development and sales departments will be happy to show you all our production and quality management processes on-site.

We look forward to receiving your registration.

C. Hübner GmbH, Sudetenstraße 2, 87616 Marktoberdorf, Germany