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News from C. Hübner GmbH

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Plastic injection moulding

There's plastic injection moulding and then there's the art of plastic injection moulding. The key difference lies in the precise interaction between all the components. We set ourselves apart.


Tool making

Those who still make tools themselves know what's not important. And they also know just how important it is to guarantee the tool functions correctly in the decisive moment.

We manufacture - ourselves.


Plastic electroplating

Any area has a surface, and this surface in turn has a top surface. We think and act in layers. We think and act electrogalvanically - until all series parts can be finally manufactured to the outstanding quality required. 


PVD Premium Colors

Brilliant premium colors with improved abrasion and scratch resistance by the "physical vapor deposition" process. PVD and your products can do more than convince.


Premium Oberflächen

physical vapour deposition

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Sabrina Glatz, trained precision engineering mechanic at C. Hübner GmbH

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